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Best Place to Go On A Hike With Your Dog

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Best Place to Go On A Hike With Your Dog

Yes, so this post isn’t about building – but our family just adopted two dogs and we are fostering a third. Here they are to the left (aren’t they adorable!) Nutella, Luna and Pirate. When we started looking to go on family hikes, we never realized that its a lot more challenging when you have your furry friends along. Living in Napa is great! But there is more to Napa than wine and wine-loving people. There are wineries, restaurants, beautiful landscapes, mountains and more just minutes away from Napa, which makes you think if the place is also a good place to care for a pet. Are there places in Napa where you can have some time with your furry friend? If you need town-specific information, ask Napa Valley realtors and get more information- but for now check out this list of the best places to go on a hike with your dog in Napa.

Canine Commons Dog Park

This is part of 157-acre Alston Park in the north-western part of downtown Napa. Canine Commons is fenced and has 3-acre romp which is suited for off-leash play. Small dogs have their own playing area. The dog doesn’t have to be tethered to you while he plays on the vineyard. Shurtleff and Franquelin dog parks are just near Alston Park. There, your pets can play off-leashed as long as they are under voice control.

Westwood Hills Park

Located in southern part of Napa Valley, Westwood Hills Park is a great place for leashed walking. You and your pet will surely enjoy the trail lined with eucalyptus trees. During the half-mile climb, the scent of the eucalyptus and the vines will be a refreshing treat. Plus, the viewpoint at the top is all worth your effort. And what is a better way to enjoy the scenery than having your best friend with you.

If you don’t like climbing, take a leashed walk at the downtown River Walk or at Trancas Crossing Park. The later provides a space where you and your dog can enjoy nature and even board a kayak.

Lake Hennessey

Lake Hennessey is Napa’s water reservoir which is also popular as a fishing and bird watching destination. You can enjoy a four-mile perimeter hike that is free from tourist crowds.

If your dog is big and energetic enough to climb a mountain, you can try a challenging trail at Oat Hill Mine in Calistoga. On top of the hill, you can have a picture-perfect view of the valley and up-close looks at some striking volcanic formations.

Lake Berryessa

Within the perimeters of Lake Berryessa lies a 2.6 mile Smittle Creek Trail that connects the Smittle Creek Park and Coyote Knolls. The trail has a well-maintained path that follows the shoreline. The strait itself is popular for kayaking and canoeing. The Pope Canyon Trail, which is also inside the Lake Berryessa, is another path that you can stroll together with your dog. It provides a 1.5-mile hike in from the trailhead.

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